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Asslamo a'likum, What can I do to see my beloved one, The prophet ,peace be upon him, in my sleep "dream"?. Jazakum Allah khairan

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Salam you have to work very very very hard in the cause of Allah And Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. and if required you should sacrifice your life for Islam. its very hard to see Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. in dream but i SWEAR i saw Prophet Muhammed S.A.W in my dreams Wallah!, not the face,but the other side, and its only Allah`s will.!

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Oh, masha'allah :D.. Congrats for you. I'll do what i can to see my beloved one insha'allah

(Dec 04 '12 at 13:45) lumisho ♦ lumisho's gravatar image

thanks ! !

(Dec 05 '12 at 02:13) TeenMuslim ♦ TeenMuslim's gravatar image

Assalaaam, How did you make sure that it was Mohammad Salallahu Alaihe Wassalaam?

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you have to be truthful,good deeds,and always be remainderful of your beloved one dats prophet(MUHAMMAD).insha Allah you will dream of Him.

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Wa 'alaykumus salam .You have to recite a lot of durood ( 50000 times a day would be good) , follow sunnat , improve your imaan and character , be ready to do sacrifice your life for Allah etc. But everyone doesn't get to see him in dreams .you should cry in your duas alot and ask Allah to arrange a meeting between you and rasulullah (sawllallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) in your dream.

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Remember your other dreams. Think about your older dreams and write them down. Than read them again. This way you will remember your dreams easier.

After this, think about Hz. Muhammed before going to your sleep. Do this every night. If you can sleep during the day, do this during the day. If you do it frequently, and if Allah wills it, you will see Hz. Muhammed in your dream. Just be patient.

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I dream of Rainy Season and Fresh growing crops alot and, I was told its a sign of seeing the Prophet (S.A.W). Could this be true?

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Here's a link for dream meanings

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asalam o alykum evryone! i also have seen PROPHET MOHAMMAD(SAWW) in my dream more than one time,and i saw his holy face as well(ALHUMDULLIAH),,, as we know about the sahih hadith,that whosoever had see me(SAWW).so its confirm that he/she had see me(SAWW),because Allah has not granted such power to SHAITAN(DEVIL) to adop the shape of me(SAWW).. i think that the picture of him(SAWW) was just like that as i have been asumed since my childhood..beliv me i have never see such a handsome man with noor all around him :) but one thing which i was told that one should not discuss about one's dreams (whether good or bad) to any body else.. well hz Mohammad (SAWW) can be seen by non muslims and even the most big sinners in one's dream,just like me :(

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Surah al-Muzammil (The Wrapped)

There are 20 ayaat in this surah and it was revealed in Makkah. Some scholars say that it was revealed in Madinah. It is narrated from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) that a person who recites this surah will never face bad times. The person who recites it in the Isha or Tahajjud prayers always remains pure of heart and even dies while he is in a pure state.

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) said that a person who recites this surah properly will get a chance to meet the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) and if he prays for something from Allah (s.w.t.) he will get it. Reciting surah al-Muzammil a hundred times on Thursday night leads to the forgiving of a hundred major sins and procures a hundred rewards. Recitation of this surah protects one from insanity and from being a slave to people.


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