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Salaamu alaikum I am very concerned about myself and do not understand why this happens. From my youth if I would make up a lie whether for a joke or for getting out of a situation that lie would become true. For example at 16yrs I was falling behind in school and my teachers wanted to know why and wanted to help me. The truth was I was lazy but to get them off my back I told them that my parents where forcing me to marry and I was depressed. It was utter nonsense but a few years later it was fulfilled. Shortly after this incident Allah showed mercy on me and took me into Islam.

I am married with children and have a very good marriage by the mercy of Allah, alhumdulliah. I am not following the fards of prayer correctly although I am tryin to improve. I have practised islam on and off since my early 20s and now I am 40. At times I have been very devout and at times I have neglected my deen immensly. I have found arrogance in my personality which I am battling. I would describe myself as a sinful but sincere woman. I am not a hypocrite i think I do love Allah and Muhammed (saw).

I have since my youth been scared of my tongue due to the things I say may be fulfilled. I recently said to my husband, 'you delay in giving your mum money Allah will delay in giving you money'. 30 mins later he went to take money from his account and it had disappeared. This is one of many such incidents and my husband has become scared of my tongue and has said he does not understand it.

He says 2 peoples words came true either a pious (walli) person or the evil person. we both agree i am not pious person due to my neglect of the deen so my husband said that shaitan also makes peoples words come true and I need to control my words. We did not argue on this as I know my husband is not attacking me but he is puzzled as I am. How does a person know if they are evil and could I be an evil person and how do I recognise evil within myself and how do I change it. I do not understand why sometimes the things I say come true. I also have problem of dreams I do get dreams that come true and I do not know why. For example I saw the houses I would live in when I was young and so far this dream is true. In my 20s I saw my son in a dream and in fact the same child was born to me. I saw Ali (ra) in a dream in the 90s and what he said is coming true. I have seen my husband near sin in my dream I asked him and he said it was correct at this in anger as he left the home I cursed him that he would have a motorbike accident and 10 mins later he did. I repented for this as well as confessed it to him and he forgave me. I have seen myself in hellfire and I have seen myself in Paradise. Am I a cursed woman What does islam say about a woman like me? can you advise please.

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Asslamo a'likum sister. I think what you have to do is reading quran on yourself so much, kind of 'roqya'. I have thought about you having 'ferasa'. It is kinda of predecting what is going to happen and it's light of Allah to good people. But there are things that you didn't really predict. It's just came from your mouth without thinking. So the best thing to do is to read or make someone, good one maybe your husband, read quran on you , roqya. And you must know that every thing happens according Allah's will only. May Allah bless you sister.

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Walaikum salaam brother I have not heard of ferasa but I agree it is not predicting. I have developed habit of not talking too much. I will inshallah perform ruqya. Do you think this is infliction through the jinn. I ask this as before marriage I had several jinn visits, I would recite, they would leave. an orphan jinn asked me to look after it once. 1 jinn nearly won over me, it recited its words and entered my head and i could not recite, 2 angels came down and ripped it out. May Allah protect us all from the jinn shayateen & keep us in His protection ameen

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I don't know what the actual matter be, the pious or the devil. But since your every said/thought comes true, then try to speak/think those words only which benefit someone and restrict yourself not to speak/think which makes loss to other. I will ask my Mufti Naushad Sir about this and respond to you shortly...

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Mufti Naushad Sir told that this matter has to be judged practically/personally with the person present there. We cannot say anything about the actual cause behind it just only by hearing/reading the text. As most of the talk comes true but there may be many talk or thought doesn't come true. And This happens with everyone that they think or say comes true. But It happens more in your case. that's the matter to be noted. For it to be clear why this happened, person has to be present there. Only reading the text will not conclude exactly what is the cause, the pious or the devil. So let yourself present to some Mufti, Maulana, Pir etc. to know the actual cause...

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Hi I am not muslim but I know this happen with me also sometime.things come true which I say accidentally or without giving a thought. No doubt these r powers inside u but people who say use it carefully ask them we have not control over our thoughts. So its not easy. Only way to make thoughts positive is through meditation. By this positivity will come and u will say or think positive and that is going to come true. By just saying i will say good things its not under our full control. So use some good meditation technique. One i know is transcendental meditation. It doesn't matter which religion u r. Understand.

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