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Is sex allowed in Islam after Nikah even there is no sending off the Girl? Give detail Answer about punishment.

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According to Islamic rule every thing is allowed after Nikah. Talk, sex... everything. No matter wether she has been sent of or not. As Islam say when Nikah is done then she is your wife. You can do everything you want.

But society restrict us by doing so because they feel ashamed off. Its people wrong thinking that they restrict. But according to Islamic rule it is allowed to do everything after Nikah.


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Nikah means marriage right?

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Yes, Nikah means marriage but girl stay at her home and go to husband home after some specified time...

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Are you sure we can do everything after Nikah? Is "everything" about positive things?

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Everything that is lawful according to Qur'an .

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you can do everything, everything means everything...

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On comment made by @Sadie which he already deleted... Anal Sex is forbidded for everyone....

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According to Islamic Sharia, a man cannot have any kind of intimate relationship, be it emotional or physical, with a woman unless they are married. That means the relationship you are enjoying with your girlfriend is unlawful. It may be difficult for you to follow the advice that I will give you, but I will give it any way. Our deen is the religion of obedience. Allah has given you the free will, which you can use either toobey or disobey. Successful will be those who obey without any question or making noise. Shaytan was given the chance to obey or disobey the command of Allah, but he chose to disobey. He disobedience earned the curse and the wrath of Allah and he will therefore be inflicted to severe torment in the on the day of reckoning. When someone discovers that he or she is involved in some acts of disobedience, the first reaction that comes to our heart is "It can't be haram.". The Shaytan will continue to reinforce this feeling. He will to make this relationship appear rosy and innocent in your eyes. He would try his best to make your feel good about it despite your disobedience of divine command. Shaytan will say, "Look you are not that bad. What is the problem if you are having a relationship, you are not having sex. There are so many people who are worse than you". The point is, if you take comfort from such feeling, it would not benefit you least. It would rather ledyou to remain steadfast in disobedience of Allah and eventuallyhelp you commit bigger sin. So how can you come out of this act of disobedience? I would say CUT OFF your relationship right away. if you think that you will do it gradually, you will never be able to do it. In Islam, there cannot be any feeling of innocent sensual love without marriage. The feeling of love that you are having for this girl is in fact a felling of lust but in disguise, presented by Shaytan. Today you are thinking that you would marry this girl in future, but do you have the knowledge of future? Can you just tell me what will happen in next 10 minutes? Youcan't. So how do guarantee yourself that you will marry this girl? And what you would do if there happensunwanted pregnancy? Who will takethe custody of that child? Will you then go for abortion? Kill a baby? The bottom line is: you are now faced with two options: give this relationship up or linger in sin. If youchoose the first option, first sincerely repent to Allah. If you choose the latter, you will fool none but yourself. Allah wants magfirah for us, but Shaytan wants indecency and disobedience. If you choose the way of Shaytan, remember that Allah is severe in retribution. Do you think you have the ability withstandthe punishment of your Lord? May Allah guide you correctly.

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After Nikah girl ( Now become your wife do whatever you want ) according to Islamic rules you are legitimate to each other

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