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I call on as a Muslim all the Muslims of world to unite together, don’t come under West, infidels and Jew’s influence, don’t listen their tales about new democracy where they promise to build for you new democracy state and help to obtain freedom for people of your country. Just stop the violence against each other in this sacred land and I call on all our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world to declare December 21, 2012 “Muslim's day and a day without a war”, it will be sacred Friday. Also I call on all people around the world, where it would not be, go outside that Friday and just walk down the street and one time to smile to each other in order to feel deep real love to each other at least one day, a world without war looks like as a paradise in the land, no matter of its nation and religion. I hesitated to write this article because I thought that I will haven't enough evidence and arguments to convince the Muslim world that we are killing ourselves in the field of battle and destroy our ancient heritage by the Western influence and the Jewish for the past 30 years, who have the majority of votes in Congress of the same United States of America. First of all, I would like to say that I am writing this article to stop the bloodshed in the Muslim world, and not urge Muslims to unite to fight against the West or against infidels or I don't declare Jihad war, because I haven't even any right to do it. Secondly, I am not a Nazi or a racist, I respect all nations, religions and beliefs. I just love the peace in the world. Just think, life itself is short, but we make it shorter by the way of violence. After another attack and the Israeli invasion to the Palestinian Autonomous Republic and new unrest in Egypt, and I couldn't hold back my anger on new bloodbath against Muslims. Thirdly, I give just my opinion and point of view on what is happening around the Muslim world, and provided the facts as losses victims of Muslims are all true in this article. I am not that man who could discuss the problem at a higher level, because I don’t consider myself a journalist, but I allowed myself to dig into the matter and to understand, "Why the West needs civil wars, revolutions under the pretense to build a democratic new country and to lead the battle (fighting) for justice on the pretext of saving the world from terrorism or bladed weapons (A-bomb), and save the land of Muslims from control of dictator hands or tyrant in a Muslim land". I am just a man from Tashkent and living nowadays in Muslim sacred land in Dubai in UAE where five times a day on all sides can be hear the sacred voice of Azan and people hurrying to Mosques to pray to Allah. Is there anyone who wondered how many revolutions, how many civil wars, battles and violence has seen the Muslim world in the last 30 years and how many of our Muslim brothers were killed by our swords and by the swords of the infidels. Now just try to concentrate to think over, what were there over the past 30 years in the West except big scandals and noisy protesters and demonstrations. Is there someone who imagines why just these matters happened only in Muslim countries? Can you imagine? Let us walk through these matters together, my brothers. How many people just left their homes after the civil wars and wars, and living outside the country, which many of them are already living by the rules and laws of the West countries and bring up their children in the same spirit. But in what kind of world and what kind of society our children will live, but now it doesn’t care absolutely anyone, except parents who want to build a brighter future to their children by escaping from the country or saving their life with a other ways to find a quiet place in a quiet town where there is not even a single shot of a gun. Surely, everyone has a choice and the way in which people choose their way of life style and wants to live in a quiet place and where there is no war. Yes, a person comes into this world to live his life clean, flawlessly, smoothly and in plenty, as this person does not know the world is different. But, living in this world, he understood from the first day that the world consists of survival of violence and war, not thinking anything existence even itself. So we almost 70 % of Muslims live in a world where there is no peace and the future in the opinion of infidels. We Muslims are very patient, friendly and not vindictive religion. we are patient, because we all believe in the Day of Judgment, where justice will be triumph over, Friendly, because we have Allah, the Holy Quran and the family in our hearts and doesn’t have a place not only to the violence itself, and not place even to the word of the violence. Not vindictive, because we don’t hold evil to anyone, even to infidels, that they fought with us with guns yesterday, and in the morning we are glad to see them in our house with a smile as a friend. Although there is a place to word "revenge" in the Qur'an, but we wish peace to the world and we don’t answer with a war as USA in which 3,000 losses people in the attack on the twin towers, American democracy called these attacks under the pretext of "terrorism attacked the U.S.," they went out and killed over more 30 thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan. By the way the attacks on the Twin Towers and other U.S. cities were planned by the CIA of USA. I'm not talking about it right now, we have read a lot about it, talked a lot, and all over the world there were rumors that America itself arranged it. Yes, at that time there were only waiting staff and there were not management personnel of anyone in this damn tower and so on. But, let's just imagine what a superpower nation called as America arranged a super spectacle for the people, by sacrificing their own people, but of different nationalities. Answers can subsequent millions, but in America five year old American child can answer to this question without hesitation, we are against terrorism, which is living in the American Dream. Yes, it is good policy, any child doesn’t want war at home or in country, let it be Christian or Catholic or Muslim, and so on, all of us are bringing up our kids, we are saying “don’t fight, don’t be foul mouthed, be right kid” and at school teachers teach them against terrorism. I think it is right position, and I support this policy without hesitation, our children should live in peace and feel love each other, not feeling violence. Well let's try together to guess the answers to our questions, why America attacked Afghanistan, "In order to show the world what America is capable of, oh no, to show the world that Islam is composed of violence and real face of Islam, oh no, to prove to the world that America does not forgive mistakes, oh no, to use their weapons until they got out of order, oh no, America needed a firing ground with live rabbits in the form of Taliban for own army, oh no, America put an end to terrorism, oh no, several years, they are fighting under the pretext of “there is no place for terrorists on earth and so on”. I talk that the answers may be thousands more, but although these above – mentioned answers have their own elements of truth. But the basic truth is another proof that the world is becoming less and less Muslims by fictional war in the territory of Muslims. In the past, in history, when the two country was fighting against each other, the winning side were trying to kill a last resident and kill everyone in city, it was not considered at the time of the genocide, it was the insurance themselves that once it will be time that children grows up and they want to revenge for their parents and once they can go with war against children of winning side. And in order to escape such of a war in the future, they insured themselves by killing even every resident in city, even they killed the children and women. Now let’s return to the present time, and imagine why infidels or as we know them, the Jews, they trying to kill us by strength and arms by help of ourselves. Someone thought before about it, why they want it, because they fear for their children, when the world becomes many Muslims, their children may remain in danger and in the environment of the Muslims that we can stop their development and prosperity of the country in their opinion. No, dear infidels, we are friendly people and we haven't such of opinions and beliefs that we will cause or harm your children. Yes, now I want to provide an overview to all the attention, especially for Muslim brothers, who still continues to fight in their own territory by killing each other and to those who want to fight each other in the future by the influence of America or other Western countries. Listen bro, you are becoming just bad character at computer games in the joystick in infidel's hands, and they are ready for the sake of the game press the "shoot" as they want it. And even after this argument, don't you understand your act that it is not right way of getting democracy country. I’ll not talk about war’s reason or the consequences but I'll just talk about the losses in every war in the Islamic countries for the past 30 years and about directly involvement of the Western countries to these wars and revolutions, and surely the great nation of America as we call it with pride. Let’s back a bit, when they realized that soon the world will be more Muslims than Christians. After first and second world war, which the most territory of Europe covered with war and failure of USA in Vietnam war and other wars where West partly directly took a part in wars and they saw and understood that Jews later understood that they should send these wars from the European territory to the territory of Muslims . Besides that the Western countries also occurred a problem with birth and reduced number of birth in the Western countries year after year, and it began to worry first and foremost a Jewish which rules America and Western countries, and then headed Jewish alliance in America, they developed a small but very powerful plan where they can poison the two countries to each other or to poison the people to each other and they just come out to the side as if America is not being, and will observe and also don’t forget their financial goals too, to supply weapons to the rebels, and the weak side. Let’s begin, the war in Afghanistan in 1979, why America chose this country to provoke Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, let us try to discover the truth of the incident, or give my own opinion, although there is, of course, many variations of this war, and I will tell you quite another option that could deal a body blow in a sense the world. Afghanistan is located in the heart of Eurasia, which allows it to play an important role in the relations between the neighboring regions where, especially 90 percent of Muslims live in the neighborhood. Knowing the U.S. that Moscow CPSU how they treat badly the Muslim religion at that time in Central Asia, the U.S. knowingly chose this Muslim country of Afghanistan. Firstly, America tried to calculate correctly the war coverage area, and knowing that they did mistake, then they rushed with a help to the Afghans with their weapons after the loss of one hundred thousandth of the Afghan people and the rebels. America has calculated that in this war would involve all neighboring Muslim countries, Iran and Pakistan, and even Iraq will help to the Afghan people under the pretext of the war against the infidels and the tremendous support from the Arab countries. But apart from these countries gathered rebels and aid were not enough for the war to found a third world war and claimed the lives of a lot of people from the religion of Islam. Secondly, the U.S. thought that The Soviet Union against the Afghan people, the Soviet Union would go to war and replenish its army of soldiers, most of the countries of Central Asia, which at the time was also to some extent Muslim environment. But America didn’t guess also here. USSR attracted to this war almost all of his half power elite troops. But even though the Soviet Union Dmitry Ustinov said small group of officials from the senior military leadership, that soon will be, obviously, a decision on the application of the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. On December 10, on the personal orders of Ustinov to deploy and mobilize units and Turkestan and Central Asian Military District. The decision to invade was taken at a meeting of the Political Bureau of December 12, 1979 but not of the Turkestan and Central Asian Military District and soldiers were brought from all parts of the Soviet Union to this war in Afghanistan. I will not talk about how the war started, because we all know that after the murder of Nur Mohammad Taraki, who was a friend at that time with the head of the Central Committee of USSR, and in spite of repeated requests from the request, oppose the opposition in the country, which was led by the commander Amin, who in 1960 had connections and secret contacts with the CIA, that in the taking by storm of Kabul by the detachment special purpose of KGB was killed Amin. Just count the losses, no official data, it is shown in the figures of different sources of 35, 50, 70, and 140,000 died from the 546,000 who were directly involved in the fighting in Afghanistan of 620,000 soldiers. From Central Asia were recruited over 250 thousand soldiers, a loss which was about 30000, and the remaining approximately 200,000 soldiers were wounded, shell-shocked, traumatized and mentally ill. Afghan casualties, mostly innocent civilians, have been much higher. Many villages aircraft compared with the land and the people were shot as a hostage for the actions of the guerrillas. Sometimes speak of a million Afghans dead, but certainly no loss Afghan counted. So America is in some measure, has won this war, and did better than expected, as a result of the war, which had killed more millions of Muslims and nearly 500 thousand Muslims returned home with no arms, no legs, no eyes, wounded and sick heavy mental illness of various types of the disease. I don’t talk about now how many refugees left the country during war. If we calculate refugees, the numbers go beyond more than 5 mln of Afghan people. Passed not much time as two years, the U.S. once again in the spotlight of a big game, where it is not out of nothing America has poisoned Iraq, and then, standing in the behind of Kuwait began to fight against Iraq. U.S. participation in the war in the Persian Gulf, has played a very clever game, bringing on the war by resolution UN formed a coalition of the Multinational Force (MNF) in more than 45 countries to conduct military operations under the pretext of liberation and the restoration of independence and liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. It was done in bringing MNF in order to escape in genocide or other accusation by world society. Now let’s count the losses on both sides, the death toll in the composition of the coalition forces, in addition to the loss of the American contingent of just 88 people. Iraqi losses up to the numbers - up to 200,000 dead. America once again, through the providing a service help to Kuwait destroyed about 200,000 Muslims that America at that time was unable to stop this war through peaceful solutions. Another European war which came out of nothing and started in 1992 armed conflicts caused by religious and ethnic divisions in the former Yugoslavia, which led to the disintegration of the country, which the war lasted until 2001, before the terrorist attacks in the U.S. in September. It has made it clear to USA that there is a country in Europe where 44 percent of Muslim Bosnians in Yugoslavia, then began a long, complex, ugly and confusing conflict that only the United States understands the essence of the conflict. The most interesting fact of this war, the U.S. and the international community does not take any resolution against the violence of Muslims in Yugoslavia. Even the mass murder of the Muslim population, which lasted 44 months, the entire community kept silent, and then they reacted when started violence against to other religious people of Bosnian Serbs and Croats in 1995 NATO air strikes and UN sanctions have forced all parties to come to a peaceful agreement. But it was too late because the number of victims ranged from 90 to 300,000 (of which 41 per cent of Muslims), the number of refugees in more than 2.2 million people (including 53 percent of Muslims). Now, dear my friends and people who living in American dreams and thinking about who is a terrorist among us, just gimme explanation or just gimme bright proofs about these war. If it is not the U.S. or NATO, or even the United Nations and who, surely, there is a same answer that terrorists are still living only in the Arab lands in your opinion. Maybe, now it is real time to understand who was a terrorist for the last 30 years. And when war is ended in Yugoslavia, time came to find guilty, whose fault it is and common and world society began to interest in it and they want to understand Bosnian Conflicts. USA understood that the truth can lead to the USA and the United States showed a new kind of threat to the world by the way of attack on the twin towers with a 3D image and name all over these shock attacks on the world news that "America is under attack," so that the world doesn’t get at the roots of things and truth about Bosnia conflict, and all the world community takes its attention to this spectacle with malaise and despair feelings, as if they are powerless against terrorism. And as if the world has asked America to save the world, and anyone asks them, hey USA, please help to destroy for us the terrorists and made the world happier and bright. Yes, even after such a spectacle of people in the theater in 3 D, a man will just run out into the street and didn’t realize what happened there. After that, the world saw how the U.S. without hesitation went to Afghanistan and began to destroy the Taliban as they are terrorists. When US soldiers killed them, if they asked Taliban who were dying in the battle field, “Have you heard about USA whenever or do you know that exist such a country USA in the world or is there a country which named America, or about attacks on the United States on 11th of September”. It is just nonsense. Maybe, they don’t even know why they were killed by strangers with guns and they didn’t understand for what they are fighting, might be they just thought that they dying for just his country by defending it from the new conquers as USSR and they also shot rarely to save his own skins. The U.S. promised to the world that Afghanistan will come very soon as democracy country, and declare about victory against Taliban and they are completely clean the city from the Taliban. Surely, we’ll see how they clean, it has passed for 11 years, and the U.S. still can not control the situation in that area. And besides that, in order the world didn’t say that the United States itself the country of terrorists, they invited the NATO troops and allies in the battle against the Taliban. But let’s account the losses which don’t care anyone, because Western people sitting on the soft sofas thought there are dying just terrorists or the Taliban, like they are not human, and cannibals eat people alive. The loss amounted to unofficial data, more than 100,000 people of whom about 72 per cent of them civilians. They were not even armed and all Muslims. That's the intention of the United States, no one was sure they thought that the U.S. is fighting against terrorism in a foreign country, the United States went to praise the country heroic and courageous people. Soon as I mentioned, the U.S. quickly declared victory in Afghanistan and went to war with Iraq in 2003 under the pretext of liberation from the strict regime of Saddam Hussein and the fears and saving the world from Saddam’s atomic bomb. America proudly spoke and said that their soldiers greeted as heroes as saviors in Iraq, it is just excuses. Most people still think this is a war for oil in the country or indeed democracy, or about the same myth of the atomic bomb, which was not found even after war, so I stick to America is not enough blood and death by Muslims, which already in 1991 in the Persian Gulf killed about 200,000 Iraqi people. During the period of U.S. occupation of Iraq, according to the US-British non-governmental human rights organization, "Iraq Body Count" in the country killed 80 thousand civilians and more than 160 thousand were injured and maimed. Only in Baghdad victims were 40.5 thousand people. A quarter of the victims - women and children. These data can not be complete because "Iraq Body Count" counts only those deaths reported in the media. According to the news agency Associated Press, in 2006, engaged in counting the victims of the war on the news reports, in 2006, in Iraq by violence killed 13,813 civilians in 2007 - 18 610. Widely known assessment, made by the British medical journal The Lancet. According to this estimate, the fall of 2004 victims of the war were 98 thousand Iraqis [4], and by the summer of 2006 - 655 000. [5] Both figures include indirect losses - that is dead as a result of the deterioration of the health system, infrastructure, worsening crime situation, etc. According to the World Health Organization, since the beginning of the war until mid-2006, the victims of violence were 151 thousand Iraqis. Study conducted by who experts have called the largest and most relevant scientific criteria after the war began. Well, we are talking about the losses of people, and we are not talking about died toys, animals or flocks of sheep. Well, dear my west friends I don’t want blame simple people who live there but I want to show you what your country does with Muslim land by influence Jew’s. Maybe you can influence to stop the violence or not. Now come on Arab revolutions with the aftermath of the civil war in Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and other countries in the Middle East. If I count the loss and killed, and refugees who left the country in this revolutions, I just can already get off the figures. Muslim Brotherhood, what have, fighting each other, killing each other, burning own homes, resulting in the own war. Who started this war and poisoned you to each other, they sit at their warm homes and counting about your losses. Think about it, in the western mass they just calculate showing to the world about an explosion in Iraq and other countries, and they try to convince west people that if they don’t stop these violence, they can attack us as USA attacks, killing Muslims people, by the explosion, getting new democracy country by making a war in your own home, you just help that the figures are only for the benefit of the infidels. I am not talking about African countries where armed conflict in Africa is a common phenomenon already going on almost 20 years. Did you count how many people died in this revolutions and how many people run away from own country and how many of them trying to get refugee status. Well, comrades Western democrats and politicians tell us which of these states has a great life after the revolution, you don’t even know yourself, what's going on now? You have not already interested in the development of these countries in the way of democracy. You just took lives and carried out your awfully plan and you will not stop with that. And here's our Arab Muslims bro with great pleasure and gladly take up their arms and go against their own country with the think that they save the people in the path of democracy, or fight for the sake of Allah, or will lead own people to a prosperous life and a brighter future. Allah not ordered us to kill Muslims and ever any human in the world, because our lives belong to Allah. You will not build a bright future with using a weapon, because people will run away from their home and they don’t want live in fear and confusion. So they flee to Western countries where already provided them everything from shelter with a rest, even knowing that their children when they grow up in an environment of their peers and teens, most of them, almost 80 percent are Muslims and will renounce Islam. We are losing our brothers and sisters. Hey Muslims bro I call on you to gather lay down arms, return to your homes, and build a future without bad thoughts. Remember our prophet and pray only to Allah who gives you mind, brain, heart and feelings in order using your all skills to get prosperity and wealth. I call on all Muslims in the world, unite and say no to violence against each other. My brethren, you have lost your way. You go through by influence of the infidels and killing each other by hatred, which gained these thoughts from the infidels. Don’t let your volition hear infidels. One day will come and you will be disappointed and understand that you just crushed your own country that time. But it will be just late. We are losing our brothers and sisters.

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