Salam Brother And Sister in islam last night i dream that i was in jannah and i had everything i wanted and i was laughin i know a story cant remember name but there was a boy that went to fight for allah after his fathers death and he dreamed about jannah and the leader said is a reward from allah and i had a dream about jannah do i go to jaannah?

May Allah Bless Us All

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Sorry brother, but the Dream Interpretation question is considered off topic on this QandA site. Your question will be closed/deleted soon.

(Dec 08 '12 at 12:34) Irfan Alam ♦ Irfan%20Alam's gravatar image

Why!! just answer plz i need to lnow plz brother

(Dec 08 '12 at 19:37) Iman Nabil Iman%20Nabil's gravatar image

Because no one here is scholar who intepretate the dream. And it is said In Islam that if someone resemble the meaning to your dream wether he/she is right or wrong then there is more chances of having that meaning true. So dont tell your dream to unknown, enemy etc as they may resemble wrong meaning and may it became true. If you want to know its meaning then visit some scholar, mufti etc. But not here as each of the member has different views and if they say wrong but chances are it became right.

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Question is off-topic or not relevant" by Irfan Alam Dec 11 '12 at 03:06

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