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i was married at 18 and right the next day he started abusing me accusing me of things that i haven't done and INSHALLAH i would never do, he accused me of cheating with paranoid explanation like running out at nights from window and all that, the physical abuse got so bad that after beatings i was passing out even when i was pregnant. i have no proof but Allah, i am lost i dont know what to do Will the truth ever come up, even if not in this world but on the day of judgement?

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La il la hil il la la!!!! Your one and only choice is to pray to Allah and make sure your child is okay:) go seek help to a sheik about this abuse going on, I hope that he no longer be aggressive to you. Inshallah I hope that the sheik will provide you with usefull idea(s). One day you and your son\daughter will go to jannah while your husband is seeking help for the forgiveness of Allah.

Love,  your Muslim sister<3
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Make dua & recite the Durood Sharif. Below orby visting web site

alt text

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@lifeforu9: How you added photo here? Please tell me. I have tried once but failed. Will you please explain the process in detail?

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I knew the process but doesn't works on Thats why I asked it ...

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Allaho akbar; Salam

The Prophet Muhammad (ص) said : "I'm wondering from the men whom beat their wives while they are worthy them selves to get beat. ya people don't beat your wives because it have Ghesas (nemesis) " {Beharolanvar / 103 / page 249}

my sister, I'm sure in judgment day your husband will beg your forgiveness and Allah never don't condone from people's rights. but its not a reason to let your husband to have such an inhuman behavior with you. so if there is any way in your country to get your rights, try it now.

God protect you and your little baby./

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