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Assalamwu Alakum,

Me and my mother are always fighting. No matter what it is we fight. When we fight she kills me with her words so hateful, but I also argue back and I hate it because she is my mother. But she is so mean to me. she judges me all the time about who I want to marry, my weight, what I want to do in life and my dreams. I have no idea what to do no idea I'm so lost I need some advice please how to make my mothers and I relationship stronger.. JazakaAllah

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Salam You need to be patience i know its hard but the one who is quite & does not go into arguments is rewarded. You are right she is your mother try to respect her & takecare of the situation by putting your self in her place that what if you were mother & your daughter is there. But mother's just say it from the tongue but deep inside they love there children. Make dua to ALLAH ( S.W.T) that he put down love for both of you in your hearts. REMEMBER ME AND EVERYONE IN YOUR DUAS. WSALAM

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