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I have a problem that my urine comes out any time in small drops due to which i cannot pray NAMAAZ as i am not PAK(clean) .Please tell me any method or DUA for its treatment which is easy.

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Assalaaaam dear brother,

Here I have some methods to control it.

1. avoid inner pressure

2. Reposition your body. The way you position your body can help you tighten the muscles and make you feel like holding it is more possible.

3. Stay warm. make yourself as warm as you can by covering up with blankets, turning up the heater, or curling your body closer together.

4. Avoid jarring or shaking your body. Stay sitting, if sitting.

Avoid changing positions too suddenly, and tense, abrupt, or sudden movement. Remain smooth and natural. It actually makes it worse to "run to the bathroom" when you can go. Walk with strong steps, do not run.

Keep movements as fluid and graceful as possible when you walk or perform other activities.

5. Avoid thinking of water, waterfalls, or rain.

6. Fidget, but not excessively. gently shifting your legs and hips, and other subtle movements interfere with urinating and help encourage your body to wait. However, excessive or exagerated fidgeting increase tension and preasure.

7. Minimize drinking anything while you need to pee. But drink enough to maintain normal hydration, but avoid anything unnecessary. Drink when you are actually thirsty, don't drink a beverage “just because it’s there”.

8. Don't laugh or think about anything funny.

9. Think of a distraction. Avoid any thoughts about letting out pee. Do not to think of anything that may make you want to pee more.

10. Don't think that 'letting a little bit out' will help. It won't. 'Letting a little bit out' may be impossible. It won't stop.

                                                     Insh'Allah, I hope it really helped
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thanks bhai

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