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Asalam o alaikum

I needed a bit of advise, i was in a relationship with a man for some time and we both were very happy and loved each other and were planning on getting married. However one day he just walked out off my life, didn't say anything, gave me the silent treatment and ignored my calls and text messages. This hurt me a lot. I know the whole relationship was wrong in the first place, however he was the first man who i allowed to enter my life. I've always tried my best to stay focused to my deen and i pray my namaaz all the time. We have been apart now for several months and i can not forget him, i've asked Allah SWT to guide me and if he is not the one for me to help me to forget and move on however I can not forget him, he has come in to my dreams a few times and after 8 months apart i bumped in to him in a public place, however we did not get to speak as he was with family and so was i. Ever since that day i have been so restless and i do not have peace of mind. everytime i feel as though i am forgetting him and moving away something will always remind me off him - i try to focus on my deen more and on my daily life however I can not forget him, its as if he is always haunting me. Can you please give me some advise on what i should do.

Jazak Allah

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Sorry, but please can you tell what ss stands for. I suspect it as someone I know. If you can't reply here, please reply at Its humble request.

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Hello, to the girl that made that comment, i know wat its like, i was very young at once and been with a girl for love, i wanted to give her real love, true love and marriage and give her nice kids with me and be happy with her till i died but later she left me because of the mistakes i have made, i never cheated, i never lied badly to her or used her, i never talked to girls or flirted with any women, she was my first and i was her first but she left me all alone and i was so upset, i wanted to find true love with her but she is rejecting it, i just wanna ask you if you wanted to be my friend on facebook and we can talk and be friends and get to know each other, if you look me up im Mager Sabri with a baby picture as my profile picture on facebook, im 18 years old and kurdish and muslim and respect allah of course in everyway, talk to me on facebook so we can be friends and i can help you insha'allah :) goodbye

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Sister,i suggest you to Pray or offer Salatul Istikhara {2 Rakats} and praise Allah {S.w.t} as much as you can and ask Allah {S.w.t} for help ... Sister,u Should look for new good Man for your Marriage because the Man whom u loved left you after some days..then how would he hold/handle/care for you in the whole life.. Sister,Be a Practising Muslim..As In Glorious Quran,Allah{S.w.t} Says: Good Men Are for Good Women..{Surah Noor} So,Insha-Allah,sis,if u will be good/practising Muslim,then Allah {S.w.t} will also Provide a Superb Spouse for you who will be Practising Muslim,good..,so..on.... Sis,life is full of ups and downs..we have to adjust in it.. As Prophet Muhammad {P.b.u.h} Said: The Universe {Duniya} is a Prison for the Believer and heaven for the Non-Believer.. Also Allah {S.w.t} says in Quran [94:6] “Verily, along every hardship comes relief”..

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