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Is it lawful in islam to close the eyes while offering salat? I have also heard that one should at the point where the head will touch in sujud. so is it also permissible to close the eyes on salat.MASALLAM.

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Salam brothers and sister. From my knowledge and research , i have come to find out that yes it is permissible to play your salah with your eyes closed if it is to improve your concentration or to shut out the sounds of the surrounding environment. One authentic hadith stated that the the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed one time with his eyes closed. Inshallah it will be okay for you to do so. Remember that it is only Allah that can and will judge. May Allah (swt) show us all the right path,.

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@omnase1 answered this in another question, deleted from there, pasted here...

This is just regarding the brothers comment regarding closing the eyes during one's prayer.

Question I am non-Arabic Muslim when I pray Salat in Arabic I also think of the translation, so that the words coming from my mouth have meaning to me. To concentrate in Salat and remember translation I close my eyes. Some say it is not good to close your eyes when praying Salat. Please Advise.

Answer Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions.

The Muslim scholars differed concerning the matter of closing one's eyes in the prayer whether it is disliked or not? Imam Ibn Qayyim said: "Jurists differed on that issue. Imam Ahmad and others disliked it explaining that it is a practice of Jews. Some other scholars permitted it giving as reason that it might help in being humble during the prayer, and being humble during the prayer is the soul and most important objective of the prayers. Imam Ibn Qayyim said: "Shutting the eyes during the prayers was not among the manners of the Prophet. It is known that he used to look at his index finger while sitting for Tashhud and his sight did not pass over its gesture". In the state of standing during the prayer a Muslim is asked to look at the place of prostration. This is the best act which helps one to be humble in the prayer. But if opening one's eyes disturb him in his prayer and prevent him from being humble then it is permissible for him to shut his eyes. Imam Ibn Qayyim said: "The correct opinion is that if keeping the eyes open during the prayer does not affect the humbleness in prayer then opening the eyes is better. If opening the eyes prevents from submission and humbleness because of decoration and ornamentation, etc. then shutting the eyes is not disliked for sure". We believe, however, that the opinion of the one who says that shutting the eyes is better in such circumstances is more desirable and more appropriate to the rules of Shariah than other opinions". Allah knows best.

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Voted there and it is right answer...

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Voted up, brother.

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