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If we go to hell will Allah forgive us and take usto heaven?

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Maybe you are asking on behalf of someone else, or maybe this is for you... we do not know. But as mentioned before, Allah is the best of judges, what believers should do is try to prevent themselves from sinning while they can. Repent if you have already sinned and do your best to only please Allah and ask for His mercy. You will then find your heart at more of an ease, inshaAllah. If you are still alive, you still have a chance to make it to Heaven rather than Hell by His will.

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Brother Only allah knows what happens but its better to be in jannah fist than hell

I have a question for you....... Why Would Allah Forgive You When Your In Hell and Allah SWA said you alredy got a life you cant go back why didnt you think first? but Brother Only Allah Will knows if you can

May Allah bless us all

May Allah let us in the gates of jannah

may allah keppp away hell from us

may we all do good may we be in allahs hands

So Brother Do You Understand allah said use your life for worship

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yes but if you have believed in islam/if you did bad things you will burn in hell then take u to heaven but if you asked forgiving to allah. allah will forgive you when you donot do it again... but thers is not forgiving for disbelievers and they burn in hell forever(they are Immortal in it)

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Immortal in hell: burning, and the flesh comes back (regeneration)

(Dec 14 '12 at 19:09) Aaqib J Aaqib%20J's gravatar image
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