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A'salaam alaikum, Praise be to Allah and and his Messenger and peace be to all. I have a questions regarding the cause why all humans are on this earth. 1- Allah(subhaanahu wata ala)created angels with light, Jinns with fire and humans with clay. Allah created Adam and ordered the angels and jinns to prostrate in front of him but Iblis refused. My first question is why was there negativity in iblis at that time when he was so close to Allah,Allah almighty would know he would not obey his command. Was jealousy already created before adam was created. 2-Iblis did not prostrate and he made Adam and Hawwa eat the forbidden fruit and of that reason they were sent down to earth. My second question is 'Is iblis the real cause of us being here on this earth.

I hope I have not wronged asking these questions but it is something in my mind which has been bothering me and so far no one was been able to give me a good answer.

Wassalaam alaikum

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assalamoalaikum so your first question is was jealousy created before Adam and is Iblis the cause of us being here. your questions make sense but i dont understand why they have been bothering you. jealousy and pride are emotions which free willed creatures posses i guess, and i guess it brought iblis's arrogance out. as to if iblis was the reason ( and what would Allah have done with Adam if iblis hadnt done that), answer to that question from a human will obviously involve a lot of speculation and only Allah knows best.

my sincere advice would be sister to recire surah naas and i do that a lot too to keep our minds from getting confused over things and make it seek answers to questions that would benefit us and then may Allah guide us to those answers.

wa la yuheetoona bishai im min ilmihi illa bima shaa

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Asking this type of question is forbidden for we type of less educated people as it may decrease our imaan due to confusion and leads to removal from Islam. This type of questions should only be asked and answered by greater Islamic scholar. As they know more and they have greater understanding. They believe instead of arguing. But we type of people when ask this type of questions, such as Where is Allah, Why Allah is there, How Allah looks like, Why Allah created this world, Why Allah done this and many more...etc....then after getting answer, a new question arises in our mind and again another.... Which create great confusion in our mind and may decrease our Imaan. Greater Islamic Scholar have greater sense and understanding and they reach to a result without going to argument. But we less educated people argue and answered, again argue and answered again again..... We create confusion and got no result to the question. We argue argue and argue. So this type of question must not be asked by we type of less educated people or kept in mind as it may decrease our Imaan and may lead to removal from Islam.....

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Salaam dear,

1- Allah gave Iblis, what we call today, a promotion. He was really proud. When Allah ordered them to prostrate, Iblis said why should I prostrate to a human, I have much more power blablabla... And this is why pride might be haram.

2- Allah created us to love him.

Sorry if I don't have enough information, It's based on my knowledge

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