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Salam, I'm converted muslim for 7yrs, I dnt no much bout islam coz there's no1 to teach me, my husband and I are not happy at all, he gets angry very quick n he hits me all the tym. We have 2kids, boy n girl, and the are effected by this to. I know I have my faults but that don't give him the rite to physically abuse me! Please please help.

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Please don't feel bad . We are here to help you. If you don't know more about Islam then we will teach you. If you want any answer of your question according to Islam then ask it here on this site. And If you want to know more about Islam, Islamic Knowledge then like us and join us on facebook. Islamic knowledge shared, answered at regular interval there. like fb page: join fb group:

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if you would specify what exactly you wanna know it would be better...few key points are 1. Offer nimaz 5 times 2. Offer tahajjud nimaZ 3.OFFER NAWAFIL for better relation of you and your husband 4.never disobey your husband 5. Recite quran more often.

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I am very sorry to hear that, but am happy to know you wish to learn more about Islam to help fix those problems. MashaAllah, you are very wise to turn to Islam to help with your problems, the first reply with links is a good start, there are dozens of other Facebook pages such as I Need Allah in My Life, and Islam: Hadith of the Day, and many, many more. All you have to do is "like" those pages and everyday they post several teachings from the Quran and Sunnah, I learn many new things thanks to those pages and I have been a Muslim my entire life. My other main suggestion: as you progress with your new learnings, try to bring your husband closer to Islam as well, beating of a wife unnecessarily is not rightful, he should come closer to Islam as well. I will provide links for some of the Islamic pages I have added on my page for your convenience. I wish you the best.

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Thank you so much for uls support, also for the advice, I started today going to a mulana who is teaching everyday @ 2pm. Inshallah all will be fine now. I also told my husband if he beats me 1 more time I will leave him.

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Dont say this type of sentence, that I will leave you, to your husband. It will make your relation more bitter. Try to adjust the situation and give him more love.

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If I give him more love won't he feel as if he won? Wnt it make him think that he can abuse me again? Sometimes I think our relationship as husband n wife isn't worth it anymore, and that I'm tired of trying , I'm not getting younger and I'm only 26

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You have made a comment on my comment. Its not a answer to the asked question. So whenever you want to make comment then use comment field not answer field. Click ADD NEW COMMENT to do so.

aren't you want to say older in place of younger?? above I am only 26???

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marriage isn't a competition for someone to win or lose. it is a relationship for you to work together and learn from each other. have patience and ask Allah for guidance for both of you. in sha Allah things will get better. if not, you have the right to divorce, but you still must remain respectful

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Listen to Zakir Naik's lectures on youtube...

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my sister,swallow your pride and respect your hubby.dont try to be equal to him,mind u there are millions of women out there who want to be married,even a bad hubby is ok for them,so think of those who dont have husbands but look at u,u have someone u call a husband atleast,i maybe young and unmarried but i know what goes on with women,dont care what he will think when u change your altitude towards him,just swallow your pride and respect him.

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