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Asslam o alaikum sir I want to know about firka Is it necessary to obey any firka to obey islam? Please help me I'm so confused.

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Whats Firka

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and also what ever its is allah said onlyu worship him and dont worship other thing

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Firka means groups. As in Islam there will be 73 firka. And of them 1 firka is on right path and will go to heaven. Some examples are- Deobandi, Bareilwi, Ahle hadees etc..

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There are 4 base ones, and many others came and are still coming.

and NO.. you dont have to " follow " any firka as long as you follow the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

Moreover they are based on individuals .. that were scholars and imams. To be taken as a preference of understandings only... but with some now it evolved into teachings that our prophet Mohammed (SAW) never taught which can lead to kufur.

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Will you please tell what are the 4 base one??

(Dec 19 '12 at 06:34) Irfan Alam ♦ Irfan%20Alam's gravatar image

Check answer down . Thanks Irfan

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The 4 and a clear answer at the bottom.

1) Maleki - Started by Imam Abu Abdullah Malek ibn Anas ibn Malek. Originally from Yemen. Born in al Madina Saudi Arabia. Spread out to most of the middle eastern regions, South Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Spain (al andalus).

2) shafei - Started by Mohammed ibn idrees al Shafei. Originally he was Qurashi. Born in Gaza Palestine. Moved to Mecca at the age of 2. After learning there he moved to Madina. Teaching spread out to Iraq, Egypt, middle east, parts of India, and Asia like Malaysia and Indonesia. Ppl in Egypt left Maleki and follow shafei when it reached Egypt.

3) hanafi - FRom nouman bin Thabet. An Arab Farsi origin. His grandfather died doing the Islamic reign and spread in Farsi land. Spread from kufa (Iraq) , Afghanistan, Pakistan, India.

4) hanbali - Started by Ahmad bin Mohammed bin hanbal al shebani. Born in behgdad. Spread mostly in Syria

I'm assuming firka is a Urdu/Pakistani word. Very similar to my mother language which is Arabic which means team. Just to reassure that those 4 were all correct and the beliefs were the same. They followed sunnah too . The only difference was in their deep underatanding/reasoning/philosophy of meanings and teachings. There is what we call "traditional Sunni" - not following any specific imam teachings. And just believing and following the rulings and teachings and most importantly the sunnah of our prophet Mohammed - just like it was ages ago and how it always should have been. If someone ever tells you that you have to follow a firka then I hope he/she gives you a valid answer with proof on why you should.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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PROPHET MUHAMMAD SALLALAHU ALLAIHI WASALLAM said when the world is going to an end,chrisianity will divide into 73 and Islam 71.All the 73 of christianity till go to hell except those who ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA LOVE AMONG THEM.and the 71 of Islam.only the 1 will go to paradise straight.all 70 groups will also go to hell.HE SAID THE ONLY 1 THAT WILL GO ARE THOSE THAT FOLLOW WHAT I DO AND DOESNT DO WHAT I DO NOT DO.THE OTHER 70 WILL GO To hell and later come back to paradise when ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA WANT THEM TO.ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA KNOWS BEST .MASHA ALLAH.

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What is kufur

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Kufur is disbelieving/ disbeliever

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