assalumulakum everytime i go out somewhere and come back at night idont pray i dont know why but something is stopping me. Its all fine when im home all day, but once i go out and then come back home i sleep or do other things can u plz help me? why this happens to me

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Assalamalaikum dear,

When you are going somewhere and you cant pray, atleast think of Allah. Praying is an obligatory duty and it is a major sin if you miss it intentionaly unless you forget and you ask for forgiveness. Never feel happy that (for students) you are missing parts of your day and you only pray in the morning and before you go to sleep. Instead of doing other things or sleeping, you can read the Qu'ran! It's our guide! I hope you do not build up something without instruction. It's the same think with the Qu'ran. If you think that you are not close to Islam, It means your iman is weak, dear. Always feel guilty when you commit sin.

Allah said "Life is not an amusement", if you are wasting your time.

It might be because you miss prayers that the number of shayateens are raising and making you lazy. Get stronger than them dear and you have to know that you have 100% body&mind control. Nothing should stop us if we are in the right path.

I hope it helped you inshallah.

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thank you may allah grant u happiness

(Dec 20 '12 at 05:08) miliser saloo miliser%20saloo's gravatar image

Am I always the one that help you? Just like in the other one that really helped you?

(Dec 20 '12 at 17:19) Aaqib J Aaqib%20J's gravatar image

By posting about this here, it shows that you are not happy with missing prayers so that is always a good start. Try making it a habit to make up your prayers then pray isha after inshaAllah.

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thankyou may allah love u

(Dec 20 '12 at 05:08) miliser saloo miliser%20saloo's gravatar image

Salaam... This happened to me for the past few months aswell... I dont know why i just wouldnt pray when id be back... To overcome this i watched lots of lectures on youtube on the importance of prayer and it took time but now Alhumdulillah i pray all my prayers.

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